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Pendleton Financial | Employee Benefits & Wealth Management:

Pendleton Financial helps companies and organizations on ensuring their employee benefit plans are competitive and are in compliance with health care reform/ PPACA.  We specialize in helping companies self-fund their medical insurance plans.

We also provide addition compliance support to companies with increasing federal regulations from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Department of Labor, and the IRS, to name a few.  We work with your human resources department to help alleviate their time for other more important tasks as well.  One of our largest medical insurance/ employee benefits clients is WakeMed Health and Hospitals.  We work with them to ensure their employees receive the best benefits at the best possible cost.

We also help our clients on ensuring their 401k and 403b plans are in compliance.  We act as fiduciary investment advisors, able to share risk with plan sponsors and give actual tailored advice to each plan participant.  This helps our clients increase the participation in and effectiveness of their retirement plans.  We also help our clients in other financial areas such as key-person incentive packages and business succession plans.

Wealth management and estate planning are also two essential pieces of the puzzle we assist business owners and individuals with.  We have an innovative approach built around our client's goals, not our quarterly numbers.



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