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Business Continuation

What Happens To The Business After You’re Gone?

You built your business over a lifetime of hard work.  Chances are a majority of your wealth is tied up in the assets of the business if you are like most business owners.  While reinvesting your assets in the business has been a wise strategy for growth through the years, it could be cause serious liquidity issue at the death of yourself or a co-owner.  Unfortunately, everyone dies at some point and no one knows when that point will be.  Fortunately, Pendleton Financial can help mitigate against the risks an untimely death would cause your business.

Have you created a strategy ensuring all of your hard work survives the death of you or a co-owner?

Think about a few of the problems you, your business partners, and even your family might face without a strategy:

For your family:

  • Prevents conflict amongst surviving owners
  • Avoids a firesale and ensures a fair price
  • Sets the value of your business for federal estate tax purposes
  • Provides cash for your estate if needed

For the business:

  • Allows you to maintain control of the business
  • Prevents disputes
  • Assures orderly transfer of the business upon death
  • Provides an income tax-free death benefit to purchase shares of the business