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Buy-Sell Funding

Many companies with common ownership have agreements in place that provide for the unfortunate event of death of one of the owners.  Many companies, however, have not reviewed these plans in the recent economic condition and have not properly funded them either.

Q - Is your company worth less now than it was when the Buy/Sell Agreement was put into place?  Do you want to have to pay for more than the company is worth to your business partner's family if he were to pass?  Have you thought about how you could pay anything at all? There is a solution: death buy/sell agreements funded with insurance.

Q - If you're business partner were to have a muscle or bone disorder or get hurt in a wreck and was unable to work due to overwhelming pain, medications and physical inability, could you manage with him not there?  Could you continue to pay him his salary even if not working?  There is a solution: disability buy/sell agreements funded with insurance.

We have reviewed many plans.  Sometimes plans are perfect as is and do not need a change, but often this is not the case.  Are you exposed?