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Employee Resource Center

With both time and resources at a precious premium, it’s become increasingly difficult to do your job, let alone manage insurance costs and stay informed on legislative developments. Pendleton's revolutionary online tool acts as a springboard from which you can better gather and organize information and data and solve the everyday problems that hamper your ability to work more efficiently and effectively. Some of the site highlights include:

  • Compliance tools, forms and documents
  • Employee Communication materials
  • An interactive forum of HR/Benefits professionals
  • Benchmark Statistics and Surveys Employee Benefits and RX news feeds
  • Document research center and library
  • Health and Wellness newsletters
  • Information specific to your benefit plans
  • Communication/documents from our agency
  • Downloadable, ready to print articles, newsletters, brochures and payroll stuffers

Our system will help you:

  • Stay compliant with quick answers to tough questions
  • Promote health at work and at home
  • Stay on top of HR trends
  • Access national benchmarking trends and participate in surveys
  • Boost your productivity
  • Assist your employees in making informed health care decisions