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Retirement Plans

Please pay attention to the fees and effectiveness of your plan.  A few large corporations have even faced litigation because they did not perform due diligence on their plans when extra fees were being charged.  Pendleton Financial can help navigate your company to finding the right fee transparent retirement plan for your needs.  We advise on 401k, 403b, SIMPLE, Profit Sharing Plans and more.

  • Transparency:  We provide you upfront how much your plan is costing you and your employees.  We make our fees for service clear from the beginning as well.
  • Plan Advice:  We analyze your company's size, participation rates, current status and available investment options to determine what the best course of action.
  • Provider Selection:  We will review your unique plan needs and determine, based on different criteria including cost, investment options and service, which provider is right for your company.

  • Participant Education:  We will advice in house or through one of our plan providers to provide your employees and executives with an in depth knowledge on the plans and options available to them.