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Trust: The Worth of Trustworthiness

We are nothing if we are not trustworthy. Trustworthiness is at the core of who we are and what we do. Below are the three essential ingredients of being trustworthy that we integrate into our daily lives.

  • Honesty—Without honesty there is no trust. It’s impossible. It can’t exist. Deception is the antithesis of trustworthiness The problem that most people face is that they allow themselves to practice “little deceptions” too often and don’t realize how they slowly erode one’s character and trustworthiness. For a trustworthy person, the little things do matter. He or she doesn’t exaggerate or twist the truth. When everyone else is aiming to please, the trustworthy person tells it like it is.
  • Integrity—A trustworthy person has integrity like a rock that is solid, firm, and unwavering. This is called having principles. Principles are the underlying rules or assumptions upon which one bases his or her moral code. They are not just feel-good slogans but are bedrock values. When those values are challenged, a trustworthy person has moral courage to stand upon principle. Integrity is about actions rather than just words. To a trustworthy person, a code of conduct actually has meaning and workplace ethics is connected to a deeply held set of personal values that permeate all aspects of life.
  • Keeping promises—When you think of someone who is trustworthy, you immediately think about the promises that person has made and kept. That’s how most people gauge trustworthiness. Of course, keeping promises is much more than keeping appointments and making your business goals. It means that your word is as good as gold. It shows your basic level of loyalty and fidelity to others. It communicates something significant and meaningful about how you value people and relationships.

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