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Pendleton Financial


At Pendleton Financial, we make our clients' goals our own.  We help businesses, business owners, and individuals on all matters of goals that require money and planning. 

Wealth Management and Estate Planning are often overlooked parts of many busy professionals.  We have found many people spend more time on a two-week vacation than their total financial picture, retirement plans and what will happen to their assets when they are gone.  We help clarify people's financial goals and do our best to help them reach those goals.

Retirement Plans are not what they used to be.  This is another area that has seen so much change recently with federal regulation.  We work alongside your 401k or 403b plan administrator as a fiduciary, sharing in the risk to both.  This allows us to make logical and tailored investment recommendations to our clients and their employees which helps us improve participation and effectiveness of the plans we advise.