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eMoney Client Portal

eMoney: Adding Accounts (not managed by Pendleton)

The below PDF goes over how to add your external accounts, like your bank accounts and 401k.

eMoney: Client Vault Overview (securely share documents)

The below PDF goes over how to utilize the client vault. Please place any documents you would like to share with us in the "Shared Documents" folder. 

eMoney: Spending & Budgeting

Spending and budgeting are the bedrock of any financial plan. These granular items are often overlooked when it comes to retirement planning. There are many tools available to help us keep track of how we spend our money. Our client portal, eMoney, has a built in functionality to help you with spending and budgeting. This tool is free to all of our clients. If you would like this access and don't have it already, please let us know!

Attached below are two PDFs that walk you through this part of eMoney.

Note - We cannot view your spending history or budgeting unless you give us permission to do so. We will be able to view your bank account balances and credit card liabilities as a total dollar figure but not the transactions.

eMoney: Client Portal Login

Login to the client portal using the following link:

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