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CFP Let's Make a Plan 

Most people think all financial planners are “certified,” but this isn’t true. Just about anyone can use the title “financial planner.” Only those who have fulfilled CFP Board's rigorous requirements can call themselves a CFP® professional. More information can be found here 

The Ultimate Guide to Spending and Saving Wisely During Retirement

I'll give credit to Jenna Sharkey for showing me this excellent resource for Retirees and those nearing retirement. It provides a wealth of information on spending and saving in retirement. Included are some very helpful tools and tips ranging from where to shop that offers "senior discount" to some ideas on generating extra income to travel tips and more. A helpful and fun site for those making the journey through retirement!

Guide to Financial Planning

Helpful guide on what to expect from a financial planning process, courtesy of the CFP Board.

ACA Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator 

This website has a useful tool that can approximate what your potential subsidy will be for health insurance through the ACA Marketplace. ACA Health Insurance can be an extremely useful tool for those retiring prior to age 65, where you may be deferring some of your IRA income or Social Security.


Fillable PDF Budget Worksheet from the US Federal Trade Commission 

Tax Questions

Advice from the IRS - This is a very helpful tool we subscribe to via email. 

Trusts & Estate Planning 

Learn more about why a trust might make sense for you and your family.

Crisis Guide for Alzheimer's or Dementia 

When loved ones go experience changes later in life, the signs can be hard to understand and the impact difficult to navigate. This helpful guide has some tips. 

Investing a Settlement or Inheritance 

If you've just inherited or received a large sum of money, there are some steps you should take first. This is a helpful article on what to do and when.

What is a Mortgage

We all have them or probably will at some point. You might as well understand what they are and how they work.This article is helpful and covers a lot of areas.

Mortgage Calculator

This site is a helpful tool. Note that PMI will not automatically adjust and you have to factor in your own taxes and insurance, but it is a helpful tool. 

Inflation and Historical Time Value of Money

Ever hear of someone mention how they used to buy a coke for $0.05 when they were a kid?  See how much values erode over time through inflation. It's always important to plan for inflation and we do for all our planning clients.

This is the official US government BLS website and has a helpful cost of living calculator:

This is a great website that measures value changes over time with a range of factors, such as the economic power of a dollar, which is different than just purchasing power:

Tax Advantages of Being an Entrepreneur

This is a helpful site about six ways it pays to be a business owner. Emily Davis from Wealthfit shared this with me and its a great resource.

Time Value of Money Calculator for the Future

This is a helpful tool to see what an amount of money will be in the future growing at a given percentage rate for so many years. Use the present value for the value you have today, the number of periods for the years in the future you want,  and the interest rate the annual interest you expect to achieve. Note - the 20 year stock market average is 7%.

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