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Institutional Services

Fiduciary Retirement Plan Advice (401k, 403b, 401a)

Our mission at Pendleton Financial is to run a business for you, a business that's essential to your success but peripheral to your focus. We take work off your shoulders, and that includes helping you design the optimal retirement plan for your participants, managing it in a cost-effective way, managing risks and overseeing your fiduciary progress, and being a valuable resource for your benefits team and participants.

Measure us by our ideas and our results; we should be bringing you ideas you wouldn't have thought of yourself, and executing them in ways that bring you success.

Our firm focuses on three core areas with our retirement plan clients:

  1. Fiduciary Assistance.  Ensuring the Plan's administrators, investment committee members, trustees and all other fiduciaries understand their fiduciary responsibilities.  We help them navigate their fiduciary responsibilities in many areas including maintaining their Fiduciary Audit File and ensuring the plan is bench-marked and the employees are educated and engaged.  We serve as a 3(21) Fiduciary and have the ability to provide 3(38) Fiduciary services through our affiliates
  2. Employee Education and Engagement.  We meet with all employees at least once per year to help them understand the plan and how they can save for retirement.  By engaging employees we drive up participation and increase satisfaction of the employees.  We also help them understand what an awesome benefit it is you are providing.
  3. Investment Selection and Monitoring.  We help you select the absolute best available institutional investments for your plan and participants and monitor those investments.  There are no hidden fees or revenue sharing on the plans we manage and monitor.  We evaluate the performance and management of the funds consistently and formally each quarter.

The Department of Labor fines or penalizes 85% of the plans they audit and the average fine is $600,000*.  Fiduciaries like us help mitigate some of this risk through better compliance practices.

Industries we serve:

  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional 
  • Technology
  • Retail

We also assist organizations with deferred compensation and executive bonus plans using mutual funds, annuities and/or life insurance.  Our unique ability to offer not just one product allows us to evaluate what is truly best for your organization and employees, not what is in our best interest.

Fixed Income

We assist the sophisticated as well as the less experienced professional investor.  We are here to work with you and your organization to help you meet the complex Fiduciary landscape of today. By monitoring the markets and financial news consistently, our staff are well aware of those influences affecting interest rates on a daily basis.  Our focus is on keeping your money working every day.   In addition to bonds, we offer a wide variety of money market funds so that maturities and interest payments continue working after they've been paid.

Gray Pendleton runs the Fixed Income desk.  His career started on the third-largest trading floor in world, for one of the largest banks in the world.  He worked for that bank's Institutional Fixed Income desk. His experience on "Wall Street" has given him the breadth of knowledge to help ensure "Main Street" is funded so that it can run successfully.  Our firm and that of our broker/dealer are specialists in the Fixed Income and specifically the Municipal Fixed Income Space.

Some of the benefits we provide:

  • Direct Access to Major Wall Street Bond Inventories
  • Institutional Execution of Transactions
  • Clearing And Custody Services Through Pershing LLC
  • Extensive CD Access
  • Exceptionally Experienced Staff


  • Bond Sales
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Treasuries
  • Corporates
  • Municipals 
  • Mortgage Backed Securities

Foundation and Endowment Services

UPMIFA, the Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act has changed your world.  We help you navigate this new world with the best of Fiduciary assistance.  Gray Pendleton serves as the president of a Raleigh based Foundation (we do not manage for conflict of interest) and he helps other Foundations, Endowments and Institutions manage their assets with the best available strategies, while ensuring their Fiduciaries are educated and remain compliant.